【会計英語】英文会計 勘定科目の英語 辞書(BS・PL・CS 別)

勘定科目の英語 辞典



1.貸借対照表(Balance Sheet)の勘定科目

貸借対照表(Balance Sheets)に関する勘定科目です。



①流動資産(Current Assets)

  1. 現金(Cash)
  2. 小口現金(Petty Cash)
  3. 普通預金(Savings Accounts)
  4. 当座預金(Checking Accounts)
  5. 定期預金(Time Deposits)
  6. 受取手形(Trade Notes Receivable)
  7. 売掛金(Trade Accounts Receivable)
  8. 貸倒引当金(Allowance for Doubtful Accounts)☜売掛金の反対勘定(Contra Account)
  9. 売買目的有価証券(Trading Securities)
  10. たな卸資産(Inventory)
  11. 商品(Merchandise)
  12. 原材料(Raw Materials)
  13. 仕掛品(Work in Process)
  14. 製品(Finished Goods)
  15. 半製品(Semi-finished Goods)
  16. 貯蔵品(Supplies)
  17. 短期貸付金(Short-term Loans Receivable)
  18. 未収入金(Other Accounts Receivable)
  19. 未収配当金(Dividends Receivable)
  20. 前渡金(Trade Advance Payments)
  21. 前払費用(Prepaid Expenses)
  22. 立替金(Advances Paid)
  23. 繰延税金資産(Deferred Tax Assets)

②-1 固定資産(Non-current Assets)-有形固定資産(Property, Plant and Equipment)

  1. 建物(Building)
  2. 構築物(Structures)
  3. 機械及び装置(Machinery and Equipment)
  4. 車両運搬具(Vehicles)
  5. 工具、器具及び備品(Tools, Furniture and Fixtures)
  6. 減価償却累計額(Accumulated Depreciation)☜有形固定資産の反対勘定(Contra Account)
  7. 土地(Land)
  8. 建設仮勘定(Construction in Progress)

②-2 固定資産(Non-current Assets)-無形固定資産(Intangible Assets)

  1. のれん(Goodwill)
  2. 特許権(Patents)
  3. 著作権(Copyright)
  4. 商標権(Trademarks)
  5. ソフトウェア(Software)
  6. ソフトウェア仮勘定(Software in Progress)

②-3 固定資産(Non-current Assets)-投資その他の資産(Investments and Other Assets)

  1. 投資有価証券(Investment Securities)
  2. 関係会社株式(Shares of Subsidiaries and Affiliates)
  3. 長期貸付金(Long-term Loans Receivable)
  4. 長期前払費用(Long-term Prepaid Expenses)
  5. 差入保証金(Guarantee Deposits)

③繰延資産(Deferred Assets)

  1. 創立費(Deferred Organization Expenses)
  2. 開業費(Business Commencement Expenses)
  3. 株式交付費(Share Issuance Cost)
  4. 社債交付費(Bond Issuance Cost)




①流動負債(Current Liabilities)

  1. 支払手形(Trade Notes Payable)
  2. 買掛金(Trade Accounts Payable)
  3. 未払費用(Accrued Expenses)
  4. 未払賞与(Accrued Bonuses)
  5. 前受金(Advances Received)
  6. 前受収益(Unearned Revenue)
  7. 預り金(Deposits Received)
  8. 短期借入金(Short-term Loans Payable)
  9. 1年以内返済予定の長期借入金(Current Portion of Long-term Loans Payable)
  10. 1年内償還予定の社債(Current Portion of Bonds)
  11. 未払金(Other Accounts Payable)
  12. 未払法人税等(Income Taxes Payable)
  13. 未払消費税等(Accrued Consumption Taxes)
  14. 賞与引当金(Allowance for Bonuses)
  15. 繰延税金負債-流動(Deferred Tax Liabilities)

②固定負債(Non-current Liabilities)

  1. 社債(Bonds Payable)
  2. 長期預り金(Long-term Deposits Received)
  3. 長期未払金(Long-term Other Accounts Payable)
  4. 長期借入金(Long-term Loans Payable)
  5. 繰延税金負債-固定(Deferred Tax Liabilities)
  6. 退職給付引当金(Employees’ Pension and Retirement Benefits)
  7. 役員退職給付引当金(Retirement Benefits for Directors)


(3)純資産(Net Assets)


①株主資本(Shareholders’ Equity)

  1. 資本金(Capital Stock)
  2. 資本剰余金(Capital Surplus)
  3. 資本準備金(Legal Capital Surplus)
  4. その他資本剰余金(Other Capital Surplus)
  5. 利益剰余金(Retained Earnings)
  6. 利益準備金(Legal Reserve of Retained Earnings)
  7. その他利益剰余金(Other Retained Earnings)
  8. 自己株式(Treasury Stock)

②評価・換算差額等(Valuation, Translation Adjustments and Others)

  1. その他有価証券評価差額金(Net Unrealized Gains on Securities)
  2. 繰延ヘッジ損益(Deferred Gains or Losses on Hedges)
  3. 土地再評価差額金(Revaluation Reserve for Land)
  4. 為替換算調整勘定(Foreign Currency Translation Adjustments)

③新株予約権(Subscription Rights to Shares)


④非支配株主持分(Non-controlling Interests)


2.損益計算書(Profit and Loss Statement)の勘定科目

損益計算書(Profit and Loss Statement)に関する勘定科目です。



  1. 商品売上高(Net Sales of Goods)
  2. 製品売上高(Net Sales of Finished Goods)
  3. 役務収益(Service Revenue)
  4. 売上値引・返品(Sales Allowance and Returns)


(2)売上原価(Cost of Sales)

売上原価(Cost of Sales)に関する勘定科目です。

  1. 商品売上原価(Cost of Goods Sold)
  2. 製品売上原価(Cost of Finished Goods Sold)
  3. 役務原価(Cost of Service Sales)
  4. 仕入値引・返品(Purchases Returns and Allowances)


(3)売上総利益/売上総損失(Gross Profit/Gross Loss


(4)販売費及び一般管理費(Selling, General and Administrative Expenses)

販売費および一般管理費(Selling, General and Administrative Expenses)に関する勘定科目です。

  1. 給料(Salaries)
  2. 賃金(Wages)
  3. 手当(Allowance)
  4. 賞与(Bonuses)
  5. 福利厚生費(Welfare Expenses)
  6. 法定福利費(Legal Welfare Expenses)
  7. 退職給付費用(Retirement Benefit Expenses)
  8. 研修費(Training Expense)
  9. 会議費(Conference Expenses)
  10. 旅費交通費(Traveling and Transportation Expense)
  11. 通信費(Communication Expenses)
  12. 郵送費(Postage Expense)
  13. 消耗品費(Supplies Expenses)
  14. 水道光熱費(Utilities Expenses)
  15. 事務用品費(Stationery Expense)
  16. 租税公課(Taxes and Dues)
  17. 保険料(Insurance Expense)
  18. 交際費(Entertainment Expenses)
  19. 広告宣伝費(Advertising Expense)
  20. 運送費(Freight Expenses)
  21. 荷造費(Packing Expenses)
  22. 販売促進費(Promotional Expense)
  23. 図書費(Library Expense)
  24. 諸会費(Membership Expense)
  25. 寄附金(Donation Expense)
  26. 賃借料(Rent Expenses)
  27. 修繕維持費(Repair and Maintenance Expense)
  28. 減価償却費(Depreciation Expense)
  29. 貸倒損失(Bad Debts Expenses)
  30. 貸倒引当金繰入額(Provision of Allowance for Doubtful Accounts)
  31. 雑費(Miscellaneous Expenses)


(5)営業利益/営業損失(Operating Income/Operating Loss)


(6)営業外収益(Non-operating Income)

営業外収益(Non-operating Income)に関する勘定科目です。

  1. 受取利息(Interest Income)
  2. 有価証券利息(Interest on Securities)
  3. 有価証券評価益(Gain on Valuation of Securities)
  4. 有価証券売却益(Gain on Sales of Securities)
  5. 受取配当金(Dividends Income)
  6. 仕入割引(Purchase Discounts)
  7. 為替差益(Foreign Exchange Gains)
  8. 雑収入(Miscellaneous Income)


(7)営業外費用(Non-operating Expenses)

営業外費用(Non-operating Expenses)に関する勘定科目です。

  1. 支払利息(Interest Expense)
  2. 有価証券評価損(Loss on Valuation of Securities)
  3. 有価証券売却損(Loss on Sales of Securities)
  4. 売上割引(Sales Discounts)
  5. 株式交付費(Share Issuance Cost)
  6. 株式交付費償却(Amortization of Share Issuance Cost)
  7. 社債発行費(Bond Issuance Cost)
  8. 為替差損(Foreign Exchange Losses)
  9. 雑損失(Miscellaneous Loss)


(8)経常利益/経常損失(Ordinary Income/Ordinary Loss)


(9)特別利益(Extraordinary Income)

特別利益(Extraordinary Income)に関する勘定科目です

  1. 固定資産売却益(Gain on Sale of Property, Plant and Equipment and Intangible Assets)
  2. 投資有価証券売却益(Gain on Sales of Investment Securities)
  3. 関係会社株式売却益(Gain on Sales of Shares of Subsidiaries and Affiliates)
  4. 貸倒引当金戻入額(Reversal of Allowance for Doubtful Accounts)
  5. 賞与引当金戻入額(Reversal of Provision for Bonuses)


(10)特別損失(Extraordinary Loss)

特別損失(Extraordinary Loss)に関する勘定科目です。

  1. 固定資産除却損(Loss on Disposal of Property, Plant and Equipment and Intangible Assets)
  2. 固定資産売却損(Loss on Sale of Property, Plant and Equipment and Intangible Assets)
  3. 減損損失(Impairment Loss)
  4. 投資有価証券評価損(Loss on Devaluation of Investment Securities)
  5. 投資有価証券売却損(Loss on Sale of Investment Securities)


(11)税引前当期純利益/税引前当期純損失(Income before Income Taxes/Loss before Income Taxes)

税引前当期純利益/税引前当期純損失(Income before Income Taxes/Loss before Income Taxes)に関する勘定科目です。

  1. 法人税、住民税及び事業税(Income Taxes ーCurrent)
  2. 法人税等調整額(Income Taxes -Deferred)
  3. 法人税等還付税額(Refund of Income Taxes)
  4. 過年度法人税等(Income Taxes for Prior Periods)
  5. 過年度法人税等戻入額(Refund of Income Taxes for Prior Periods)


(12)当期純利益/当期純損失(Net Income/Net Loss)


3.キャッシュフロー計算書(Cash Flow Statement)の勘定科目

キャッシュフロー計算書(Cash Flow Statement)に関する勘定科目です。

(1)営業活動によるキャッシュフロー(Cash Flows from Operating Activities)

営業活動によるキャッシュフロー(Cash Flows from Operating Activities)に関する勘定科目です。

  1. 当期純利益(Net Profit)
  2. 減価償却費(Depreciation)
  3. 減損損失(Impairment Loss)
  4. のれん償却費(Amortization of Goodwill)
  5. 貸倒引当金の増減額(Increase in Allowance for Doubtful Accounts)
  6. 為替差損益(Foreign Exchange Losses/Gains)
  7. 売上債権の増減額(Increase/Decrease in Notes and Accounts Receivable)
  8. 棚卸資産の増減額(Increase/Decrease in Inventories)
  9. 仕入債務の増減額(Increase/Decrease in Notes and Accounts Payable)
  10. 退職給付費用(Increase/Decrease in Provision for Retirement Benefits)
  11. 有価証券売却損益(Gain/Loss on Sales of Securities)
  12. 固定資産処分損益(Gain/Loss on Disposal of Fixed Assets)
  13. 無形固定資産売却損益(Gain/Loss on Sales of Intangible Assets)
  14. 利息及び配当金の受取額(Interest and Dividend Income Received)
  15. 法人税等の支払額(Income Taxes Paid)
  16. 法人税等の還付額(Income Taxes Refund)


(2)投資活動によるキャッシュフロー(Cash Flows from Investing Activities)

投資活動によるキャッシュフロー(Cash Flows from Investing Activities)に関する勘定科目です。

  1. 固定資産の取得による支出(Payments for Purchases of  Fixed Assets)
  2. 固定資産の売却による収入(Proceeds from Sales of Fixed Assets)
  3. 有価証券の取得による支出(Payments for Purchases of Securities)
  4. 有価証券の売却・償還による収入(Proceeds from Sales of and Maturity of Securities)
  5. 子会社の買収ー取得現金控除後(Acquisitions of Subsidiaries, Net of Cash Acquired)


(3)財務活動によるキャッシュフロー(Cash Flows from Financing Activities)

財務活動によるキャッシュフロー(Cash Flows from Financing Activities)に関する勘定科目です。

  1. 長期借入債務の増加(Proceeds from Issuance of Long-term Debt)
  2. 長期借入債務の返済による支出(Payments of Long-term Debt)
  3. 短期借入債務の増加による収入(Increases in Short-term Borrowings)
  4. 利息の支払(Payments of Interest)
  5. 配当金の支払(Payments of Dividends)
  6. その他支出(Other Payments)
  7. その他収入(Other Proceeds)



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